What is the Millennial League?

The Millennial League is a group of young adults of the Millennial Generation that share a common interest in promoting HIV/AIDS awareness across all ages, cultures, ethnicities and gender.

The Millennial League is an affiliate of the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City. The Millennial League supports the Foundation's mission in assisting to raise funds for our local AIDS service organizations and awareness of HIV/AIDS in our community.

How does the Millennial League achieve its purpose?

The Millennial League raises funds for and awareness of HIV/AIDS by hosting its annual Code Red and Val-o-Ween events. Both events are the Millennial League's annual fundraising and awareness activities that both celebrates and promotes our group's mission and purpose.

The Millennial League also achieves its purpose by hosting monthly happy hours and other activities to increase awareness of the Millennial League and other ASF opportunities.

Email Millennial.League@gmail.com to sign up for announcements on future Millennial League events.

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